S Y N A G O G U E     S H A B B A T     S E R V I C E S


At Chabad of Goodyear, we offer Shabbat and Holiday Services that are joyous, engaging and uplifting.  You'll feel right at home with our warm and friendly atmosphere, with lively singing and the continuous explanations. 

Join our user-friendly traditional prayer services for a spiritually inspiring experience! Soulful prayer, spirited song, Hebrew-English “user-friendly” prayer books, interactive and thought provoking Torah discussions followed by Kiddush.

Services begin  9:30am weekly *unless otherwise noted

(Schedule resumes again August 11th 2018) 

Located at the Chabad Jewish Center of Goodyear

14555 West Indian School Rd. #400B




Monthly Deluxe Delicious Kiddush Lunch



Do you have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthday, Yartzeit, Anniversary etc.? Share your occasion with your family and friends at shul.



$150 Kiddush |  $180 Kiddush Plus  |  $250 Deluxe Kiddush



Co-sponsor option is available. Holidays and special events: Call for information.


A Kiddush may also be sponsored anonymously. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can update the list.


Date   Hebrew Date  Parsha  Sponsor  In honor of:
 August 25  14 Elul  Ki Seitzei    
 September 29  20 Tishrei  Sukkot, Chol Hamoed    
 October 27  18 Cheshvan  Vayeira    
 November 17  16 Kislev  Vayeitzei    
 December 22  14 Tevet  Vayechi    
January 19  13 Shevat  Beshalach    
February 23  18 Adar I  Ki Tisa    
March 30  23 Adar II  Shemini    
April 27  22 Nissan  Pesach - Yizkor    
May 25  20 Iyar  Behar    
June 22  19 Sivan  Behaalotcha    

 Don't See the date you need on the list? We can accommodate you on that Shabbat too! Call 623-466-6110 to inquire